About Us


30 years of dressmaking experience

Co-owner Nellie is the mastermind behind the strong, feminine designs. Combine that with her youngest daughter and business partner, Nicole’s, love for design, working with people, styling and eye for detail which stems her technical background and you, no doubt, are left with a winning formula.

We all know the old saying: first impressions last. Therefore we have to ensure that we’re unforgettable, in a good way, of course. At Nicron we strive to do just that, ensure that the one who wears our garments, makes a lasting impression.

A woman’s clothes should be just like her, timeless. We cater to all shapes and sizes, believing that all women are beautiful and therefore aim only to enhance the natural beauty you posses. Because we do not mass-produce, you’re also guaranteed a certain degree of exclusivity.

Custom making garments to suit each body type, tailoring it to customers’ specifications, while always ensuring the highest quality is our forte.

Both Nellie and Nicole have a strong desire to be creatively active at all times, which keeps them on their toes and abreast of the latest trends, while simultaneously always considering the longevity of that which they create.

Knowing that your outfit is on point, no matter the occasion, eliminates much stress that often comes with planning events and special occasions. Let us eliminate that stress for you, by always ensuring that you’re dressed the part.

Be it the most important day of your life, your wedding day, your Matric dance, graduation or something to wear to that all important interview or even beach party. At Nicron we will create something to match the occasion and set you apart from the rest.